Output folder

EasyScan_HEP is an Easy-to-use tool to Scan the parameter space for high energy phyics(HEP) models.

It includes four scan methods(random, grid, MCMC, MultiNest), some popular data analysis algorithm (Bayes anlysis, CLs) and a well defined framwork to connect to high energy physics programs. With only few necessary input parameters(one page), users can easly get visiable results with different scan methods.


= The output files for Scan Method MCMC ( Assuming <EasyScanHEP> stands for the installation directory of the program ‘EasyScan_HEP’ )

For example, we explain the outputs of ‘Test run’:

  • <EasyScanHEP>/bin/test/MCMCData.txt * columns stand for ‘y, x, z, chi2, step of method MCMC’ in sequence. * <EasyScanHEP>/bin/test/All_MCMCData.txt contains extra points which are excluded by method MCMC.
  • <EasyScanHEP>/bin/test/ScanInf.txt * It give the stucture of the output file MCMCData.txt. * The first line is the absolute path of the output file (‘One backslash replaced by Blank space for our plotting method’). * From the second line it shows the structure. The left column stands for the meaning and the right column stands for the place of column.
  • <EasyScanHEP>/bin/test/Figures/fig_x_y_z.png